The Greatest Courses of All Time

The Greatest Courses of All Time

Perhaps the greatest thing about golf is the diversity of courses that are available to golfers around the world. Unlike many sports, which are played on the same type of field or court no matter where you are, golf courses vary wildly from one place to the next. As a golfer, the opportunity to explore new courses and see new places is a treat unlike any other. 

With so many great ones to pick from, it can be hard to narrow down which should be considered as the greatest courses of all time. This is inherently a subjective topic, but we’ll take a shot at it below with our quick list of three legendary tracks. 

#1 – St. Andrews – The Old Course

It’s the Home of Golf – what else can you say? This is where it all started, and the world’s top professionals continue to return to the Old Course regularly for The Open Championship and other elite events. Where golf course design and architecture have come a long way in the centuries since this course came to life, the simplicity and beauty of St. Andrews are timeless. 

#2 – Augusta National

If you ask the average golf fan to name their favorite tournament throughout the year, The Masters is almost sure to be the answer. A far cry from the flat terrain of St. Andrews, Augusta is an incredibly hilly property with stunning scenery and drama that never disappoints on the back nine of Masters Sunday. 

#3 – Pebble Beach

Seeing Pebble Beach in person – whether as a tourist or a golfer – is something of a pilgrimage for those who love the game. You can be forgiven if you get too distracted by the scenery to pay much attention to the course itself. With the Pacific Ocean looming large no matter where you are on the property, Pebble Beach is the kind of place you simply can’t forget once you’ve seen it for yourself.

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