When Should You Level Up Golf Balls?

When Should You Level Up Golf Balls?
When you first get started in this game, any type of golf ball will do. Seriously, any ball that is round and has dimples is going to get the job done for a true beginner, as there is plenty to learn and the ball you are using will be the least of your concerns.

It won’t take long, however, before the time comes to pay attention to your golf ball and make sure you are picking the right one for your improving game. So, when should you upgrade the ball you are playing? There is no one specific metric to watch, but the tips below should help you decide.

Play Regularly? Use the Same Ball
Once you move past the initial stage of learning which end of the club to hold and which way to aim down the range, you’ll probably start playing and practicing regularly – this is an addictive game, after all. Once you hit that stage, it’s a good idea to pick out a ball that you use for all of your golf endeavors. By being consistent with the same ball, you’ll gradually develop a feel for how it performs and how far it flies.

The Piper Green is a great example of a ball that would be perfect for a player at this stage of the golf journey. This model is affordable yet it offers excellent distance and durability – two characteristics that are prized by golfers who are still learning the ropes. If you stock up on this ball and use it round after round, the comfort you develop will help you be more consistent.

Scores are Falling, and Consistency is Rising
Upgrading from a ball like the Piper Green to something with more advanced characteristics like a softer feel and additional spin is something you should do as you start to see improvements on the scorecard. If you are playing better and better, and find that you are starting to control the ball a little bit, moving up to a more advanced model is a good step. In the Piper lineup, that would mean moving to the Blue or Black, depending on your skill level.

A Premium Ball is Optional
Let’s make this very clear – not every golfer is going to reach the point of needing a premium ball like the Piper Gold, and that is okay. Such a ball is meant for a player who has impressive control over their swing along with significant power, and not everyone is going to hit that level. If you do get to that point, there won’t be any secret about it – you’ll know you are playing well and it will be clear that you need a top-end ball to keep up with your game.

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