Three-Piece vs. Four-Piece Golf Balls

Three-Piece vs. Four-Piece Golf Balls

If you are comparing three-piece and four-piece golf balls, you are likely at least somewhat experienced on the links. Where two-piece golf balls are generally targeted at beginners and high handicappers, three-piece and four-piece models are typically used by players who have built their skills to at least a modest level. So, which one of these options is right for your needs? Let’s take a closer look.

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What’s the Practical Difference?

It would be easy to assume that there isn’t much difference, besides a bit of marketing, between a three-piece and four-piece ball. That’s not actually the case, however. A three-piece ball is an improvement over a two-piece ball because it offers more performance characteristics. The added layer allows for more spin to be created, giving the golfer more options on the course. 

A similar thing can be said about moving from three pieces up to four. With another extra layer, the ball is able to do even more – provided it is being played by a skilled golfer. An additional layer is beneficial because the ball can behave in different ways depending on how it is struck. When a powerful driver swing is applied, the ball is compressed to an inner layer and it may come off with a flatter, lower spinning flight. On the other hand, a short iron shot with less speed won’t compress the ball as far, and a layer that offers a greater spin rate will be utilized. 

Making a Case for Each

At Piper Golf, we offer both three-piece and four-piece golf balls. Piper Blue and Piper Black are both 3-piece options (with different cover materials), while Piper Gold is a four-piece ball.

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We include both three and four-piece balls in our lineup because each has an important place in the game. Of course, you will need to decide which one you are going to go with, so consider the points below –

Using a Three-Piece Golf Ball

This ball could be considered the best all-around option for the ‘average’ golfer. This is the player who often shoots in the 80s or low 90s and might even dip down into the 70s from time to time. A three-piece ball will usually provide enough spin to hold greens under normal circumstances, and you can get great feel around the greens if you pick one with a urethane cover.

Using a Four-Piece Golf Ball

If you are a solid single-digit handicapper and have aspirations to take your game even higher, you will probably want to find a great four-piece ball like the Piper Gold to add to your bag. There is no substitute for the performance options made available by a four-piece ball, and as a player who regularly shoots scores in the 70s, you have the ability necessary to use this type of ball properly. 

Find Your Piper Golf Perfect Fit

Whether you decide that a three-piece or four-piece golf ball is best for your game, Piper Golf is here for it. Our Surlyn covered Piper Blue ball has three layers, as does our urethane-covered Piper Black. If you opt for a four-piece ball, you’ll want to check out Piper Gold. She's a beauty!

Feel free to drop us a line with any questions at, or taker our Perfect Fit Quiz to find the best balls for your game.