Urethane vs. Surlyn Golf Balls

Urethane vs. Surlyn Golf Balls

Golf ball construction is not something that the average player thinks about very often. While you don’t need to be an expert on the technical details of golf balls to be a good player, it does help to understand the basics and how they impact your game. Let’s take a moment in this article to talk about two materials that are typically used for golf ball covers – urethane and Surlyn

Why the Cover Matters

The cover of a golf ball is important simply because that’s the part of the ball that is contacted by the club shot after shot. The cover plays a particularly important role on short game shots like chips, pitches, and putts. On and around the greens, feel is the name of the game – and the cover of your ball will have a lot to say about how those shots feel. 

Also, if you are concerned about the durability of your golf balls, the cover is again a critical factor. A tougher cover is going to remain in playable shape longer than a softer cover, especially if it encounters trees, cart paths, and other hard objects along the way. 

What to Expect from a Surlyn Golf Ball Cover

When playing a golf ball that uses a Surlyn cover, you’ll find the feel of the ball to be firm around and on the greens. You might even notice a ‘clicking’ sound when you strike your shots. Surlyn is a relatively hard material, and it will feel like the ball is popping off the face of the club quickly as a result. 

With a harder material on the outside, Surlyn balls also tend to go a bit farther and spin less. While spin around the green is one consideration, another is left and right spin on longer shots. Because Surlyn spins less, it can help mitigate your slice or hook to a degree.

Thanks to the toughness of this material, Surlyn-covered golf balls tend to be extremely durable. If your main concern is finding a ball that is going to last for as long as possible, Surlyn is the way to go. Also, Surlyn covered balls tend to be less expensive than urethane options, so that is a nice bonus as well. 

What to Expect from a Urethane Golf Ball Cover

Nearly all tour-level golf ball options use a urethane cover. This material is popular on high-end golf balls because of the feel the cover will offer in the short game. It is going to feel softer than Surlyn on short shots, and the club will better be able to ‘bite’ into the cover at impact, leading to more spin. Players who are focused on optimal performance tend to gravitate toward urethane balls because of their great feel. It should be noted that the softer urethane cover will wear down faster than a ball that uses Surlyn. 

Two Winning Options

Both urethane and Surlyn are excellent materials to use for the cover of a golf ball. The right one for your game depends on the performance and durability characteristics that you would like your ball to deliver. Piper Golf, has two models with a Surlyn cover, and two with a urethane cover. By delivering tour-quality golf balls at amateur prices, we aim to take your game to a higher level. Take our Piper Golf Perfect Fit Quiz to find your balls today.