About Us

About Piper Golf

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”
-Arnold Palmer

We're here for the good of the game and those who play it. We believe that golf is the greatest game on earth, a beacon of hope in a hopeless world, and something that brings people together for fun and for good. If you don't like playing games in the outdoors with your friends and family, then maybe we aren't for you.

We're here for the fun in the game, too. We're here for the birdies, the greenies, the stuffies and the sandies. We know that Scotch is both a drink enjoyed after the round and a two-man team game.

People might think we started this company just so we can more play golf. They would be wrong. We started this company so we can work hard, advance the game that we love, and then go play more golf.

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The Origin

After playing golf for over 30 years, Mike Gottfried stood in the golf ball section of one of those big box sports stores, scratching his head with no clue what to buy. Mike loves golf, but has yet to figure out which, if any, ball is right for him. Mike had gone from expensive to cheap and back again, never quite nailing one critical component of the game.

He noticed that most of his friends were in a similar boat, overpaying for questionably performing balls and launching them into the woods at $4-$5 a pop, then re-upping on a new dozen of a new brand, with the promise of fixing their game. There had to be a better way...


Timing is everything, and if there was anything good that came from the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the beautiful rebirth and growth of the game of golf. Golf was one of the very few activities that was fun, social and safe. With the growth of the game comes a fresh crop of golfers who, rightfully, don't want to repeat the mistakes of those before them and overpay for the same quality golf balls.

Piper Golf was born from these principles in Atlanta, GA. Try out our balls and join the movement to see what's next.