"The Piper Black might be the best golf ball you've never heard of and the best value in its category". High praise from the folks at Golf Monthly, which has been reporting on and reviewing golf equipment since 1911. You can read the full review here.

Piper Golf was featured amongs the top golf gear to watch in 2022 from NBC Universal/Golf Channel's GolfPass. "Among its four golf ball models, each oriented to a range of golfers' handicaps, the three-piece Blue model is aimed at the largest swath of the market, with attractively muted, almost midcentury-modern looks." You can read the full feature here.

Nothing makes a better gift than golf balls. Nothing. Piper Golf Balls were included in the lastest Father's Day Gift guide from USA Today's Golfweek, highlighting our sampler pack as a great last-minute gift for the dad in your life. View the full article here.

Piper Golf's CEO Mike Gottfried joined former PGA TOUR player Roberto Castro and co-host Dan Ferreira to talk the business of golf balls, digital marketing and the origin story of Piper Golf. You can listen to the full episode here.

Piper Golf Founder Mike Gottfried joined the At The Turn podcast for an episode diving into the origin story of Piper, the products and some great golf banter, including Mike's shocking "Mt. Rushmore" of PGA Tour players. Listen to the episode here.

"Can Piper Golf's lower priced golf balls compete with the biggest names?" PluggedInGolf's Matter Saternus takes Piper's lineup for a spin in this review and gives his refreshing take on the balls that are taking the golf world by storm. Read the full review here.

Tony Kornheiser, renowned host of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption and host of the thrice weekly Tony Kornheiser Show, featured Piper Golf via a letter from our founder, Mike Gottfried. Tony and his son Michael, a scratch golfer himself, unbox a few dozen Pipers on the air at the 4:00 mark. You can listen to the full episode here.

The team at The Hackers Paradise took Piper's Gold, Black and Blue balls into their simulator for a full flight test and breakdown. Banging 8-irons, they analyzed the lineup's similarities and differences across flight path, spin and distance. You can watch the video review here.

The folks at Golf Unflitered had nothing but rave reviews for the Piper Golf lineup, saying "they live up the the expectations" and how "refreshing" the Piper Golf position was in comparison to other golf ball brands. Read the full review and breakdown here.

As a follow up to the review on, Matt Saternus hosted Piper Golf CEO Mike Gottfried and Social Caddie Dan Staub for a deep dive into the history of Piper, the products and where the brand is heading next. You can listen to the full episode here.

Scott Hogan walks his audience through his process for testing golf balls using Piper's lineup of balls. Scott, who has a preference for direct-to-consumer brands, was looking for a ball with higher spin that won't balloon, and he finds his perfect fit among Piper's lineup. Watch the full video review here.

"A Golf Blog for the Rest of Us", GolfStinks explains why Piper Golf should be your new golf ball. "Selecting a ball has never been easier... and provides both an outsanding ball and the best buying guide I've ever seen". Check out the full review here.

The team at Niche Golf has built a great following around cool new golf products and brands, and Piper Golf was featured early in the company's history as a standout ball with big upside. Did the Piper Blues perform better than the Callaway Superhots? Find out here.

"Unanimously the response was 'WOW, this is really refreshing.'"

- Matt Saternus, PluggedInGolf