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Choosing a golf ball should be the easiest part of your round.

Piped. Striped. Nuked.

Piper Green


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Insane Distance at Lower Swing Speeds

Piper Blue


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Distance and Feel For Mid-Handicappers

Piper Black


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Higher Spin and Softest Feel for Going Low

Piper Gold


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Extreme Distance and Higher Flight

I felt like I could swing nice and easy and these balls would go longer and straighter! I’ve been using Callaway Soft and Pinnacle Soft and these have improved my game by 4-5 strokes!


The Piper Blues are a breath of fresh air. Seems like everyone is going urethane and for what?! These things go far, go straight, and can still drop and stop on the green. 5 stars.


Amaze-balls! These are some of the highest quality balls I've ever played with, and they got shipped super quickly. 10/10 would recommend!


Premium golf ball at a good price. The price point is terrific for a prime golf ball. Will be the newest addition into my bag this upcoming season! Very satisfied.

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Piper was created with the goal to advance the game of golf by making it more approachable. Our high-performing, easy to understand ball models quickly help you identify which ball you should play.