How Do I Pick the Right Golf Ball?

How Do I Pick the Right Golf Ball?

It’s important to play the right equipment in golf. Whether you are picking out a new driver or even a new pair of shoes, you want something that will fit you properly and perform up to your expectations on the course. The same concept holds true for golf balls, and in this post, we’d like to help point you in the right direction to select an ideal ball for your needs. 

Three Key Factors

To get started, take a moment to think about three key factors that will relate to which golf ball you should select. 

  • Skill level. The best way to measure your current skill level is simply by looking at your handicap, or your average score. That’s not a perfect measure, as it’s possible to get to a given score in a variety of ways, but it is a good starting point.

  • Budget. How much are you willing to spend on golf balls? Some players, even if they have the necessary skill to play a higher-end ball, may choose to stick with a more affordable model just because they don’t want to spend the money. 

  • Feel preference. Some players like the feel of a soft urethane cover, while others are more comfortable with the firm, ‘clicky’ performance of Surlyn. There is no right or wrong here, but it’s important to know what you like best. 

By working through these three quick questions, you will be much closer to determining which ball is going to be the right fit for your game. 

The Piper Golf Ball Lineup

At Piper Golf, we have four golf balls to choose from. We can use our own line of golf balls to help you understand how to pick the right ball for your game, whether you decide to play our brand or not (I mean, you should, but whatever). 

  • Piper Green. This is our lowest-priced ball, and it features two-piece construction and a Surlyn cover. For the player just getting started, or for the player who shoots scores in the high 90s and beyond, this ball is perfect.

  • Piper Blue. Moving up to the Piper Blue, you’ll find a ball that still has a Surlyn cover, but now features three layers instead of two. As your game starts to find its footing and you build some confidence on the links, moving up to a three-piece ball like this one is a natural progression.
  • Piper Black. This is perhaps the biggest step in our lineup, as it moves from a Surlyn cover to a urethane cover. More experienced, capable players will appreciate the softer feel of this ball, and the three-piece design will deliver great spin rates. 

  • Piper Gold. The top of our product lineup is a four-piece ball with a urethane cover. This is a ball suited to the single-digit handicapper who is serious about maximizing performance. 

Find the Right Ball – And Stick with It

Just like any other piece of golf equipment, it’s a good idea to stick with your golf ball once you find one that works. Each ball has its own feel and performance level, so constantly switching from ball to ball is going to make the game harder than it needs to be – and it’s hard enough already. Take a moment to review the four Piper Golf models and choose the ball that best aligns with your needs on the course.

Take our Piper Golf Perfect Fit Quiz to find your balls today.