Golf Games: FIVES

Game of the Week: FIVES

Number of Players: 4
Number of Holes: 18

$5 per hole, $2 trash. Switch teammates every five holes. On each of the last three holes, whoever is in last place picks their teammate and the bet value before teeing off.

The Details
An updated take on the classic "sixes" format, when you switch partners every six holes, Fives helps to balance out the competition and make sure that the bet stays interesting through the 18th green. If you're playing for holes and trash, there's a little bit of paperwork involved, but not too much scorekeeping.

To start, calculate your group's handicaps and flip a tee to pick teams for the first five holes. With 100% handicaps, play each hole and the lowest single ball score wins the hole for their team.

As always, we recommend throwing in some trash value to keep things interesting. Standard trash should include: birdies, sandies, polies and offies, but feel free to sprinkle in your own.

Looking for more trash? See our definitive guide here.

After five holes, flip a tee for the next set of teammates, and match up the remaining partners for holes 11-15.

Be sure to keep a running tab of the bet, so everyone knows where they stand after each mini-match. When you finish the 15th hole, the fun really begins.

The Final 3 Holes
Prior to teeing off on 16, tab up the bet. Whoever is in last place then gets to decide who their teammate is for the hole AND how much the hole and trash is worth.

Repeat this process on the 17th tee and the 18th tee. It could be that the same player is in last on all three tees, or if the bet values are set correctly and the score swings, you might have a player who was previously in the lead nervously choosing a mate on 18 tee.

Pro Tip: make sure you think about who's getting pops on each of the last three holes. T'would be a critical error if you select a partner who is not stroking.

Optional add-ons

  • The team that is losing can press and double the bet on any hole after their opponents tee off
  • Play carryovers on each hole to juice up the value

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